Confidence to Learn

At Whitecross Primary School, pupils enjoy "Confidence to Learn" first thing every morning for 30 minutes. This has been a very successful initiative. 

 When the children come into class at 9am they will begin working together in a relaxed informal manner, which will lead to the enhanced development of social skills.  At 9.35am the children will begin tidying up to music. By 9.45am the formal curriculum will begin.  

 A Curriculum for Excellence (2004) asks educators to consider the four capacities of building successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.  In Whitecross Primary School and Nursery Class, we in partnership with Parents/Carers, have identified the need to provide opportunities for our children to learn in an interactive and fun way whilst engaging appropriately with each other.  Confidence to Learn is the way forward for us to ensure our children begin to achieve the four capacities of ACE.   

 The key elements of Confidence to Learn are:  

  • Children working together to choose activities, which they will undertake the following day.  Voting on activities will take place late afternoon the day before. 
  • The activities will ensure children are involved in active learning.  
  • Children will engage collaboratively and socially with each other to complete the activities.  
  • Children will look through educational catalogues and decide on activities which the school will purchase for inclusion in this initiative.  
  • Children becoming independent thinkers and learners.  Children problem solving.  
  • Children engaging in creative and expressive learning. 

  Activities to be undertaken include:  

  • Imaginative play
  • Construction  
  • Jigsaws, puzzles and games 
  • Dressing up 
  • Reading 
  • Art and Craft 
  • Computer skills 

In Whitecross Primary School and Nursery Class, we are trying hard to motivate, engage, and interest our children in learning.  We are looking to enhancing pupil achievement and attainment in all curricular areas.  


In the 21st Century it is vital that our children develop the ability to interact socially with others, be it adults or peers.  Confidence to Learn will provide the framework for ensuring this.