Our Aims

In line with the aims and visions of Curriculum For Excellence, Whitecross Primary School and Nursery Class aims to enable all young people to become:


  • Ensuring a curriculum that provides young people with the best possible learning opportunities and experiences in conjunction with the National Priorities for Education. 
  • Ensuring that all pupils are able to realise their potential through the promotion and recognition of achievement and excellence, thereby raising standards and attainment. 
  • Enabling all pupils to enjoy the highest quality learning experiences by fostering a positive attitude to their learning. 
  • Ensuring that all pupils are encouraged to demonstrate good behaviour, self-dicipline and a respect for others.


  • Providing effective support systems for all pupils which promote personal achievement. 
  • Ensuring that all pupils feel safe and secure in an ethos of social inclusion and equality.
  • Ensuring that all pupils are involved in their education and have opinions which are recognised in a climate of mutual trust and respect. 
  • Ensuring that all pupils are knowledgeable in Healthy lifestyles 


  •  Equipping pupils with the core skills, attitudes and expectations required to prosper in a changing society. 
  • Encouraging creativity, ambition and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.  
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial experiences which will foster development of skills and competencies in working with people.   
  • Involving pupils in events to support those less fortunate than they. 


  • Encouraging links to organisations within and outwith school. 
  • Ensuring effective partnerships between pupils, parents, carers and the wider community are consolidated. 
  • Ensuring that all pupils realise that they have an important part to play in the life and work of their school. 
  • Creating and solving problems in a climate of trust and respect for others. 


 To continue to support the Headteacher in matters pertaining to finance, staffing and general administration of the school


To continue to work towards improving our school to make it a happy place for everyone