Whitecross Primary School & Nursery Class

Whitecross Primary School and Nursery Class is a non-denominational primary school, situated in a rural location, close to the eastern boundary of Falkirk Council and West Lothian Council. The nearest large town to us is Linlithgow, which is less than 1 mile away and although we are approximately 6 miles from Falkirk, we are part of Falkirk Council. At our school we aim to deliver a quality curriculum in a happy, stimulating and secure environment. 

The academic curriculum is particularly concerned with the following areas: English Language, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Health, Technology, Information Technology, Modern Languages, Expressive Arts - P.E., Drama, Art and Music, Religious and Moral Education. Our pupils enjoy an extensive outdoor education programme. After-school clubs provide a range of extra curricular activities and our out of school hours learning programme enriches education and widens horizons. Our pupils are given opportunities to join cluster events, where they can build friendships, play and strengthen ties with pupils from the other primary schools who will join them at High School. This hopefully, helps make the transition from primary to secondary smoother and less daunting.

We are pleased & proud of the links our school has fostered with the wider community. Our school facilities are regularly used by members of the community and they are regular visitors to our clases sharing their experiences and skills.

We often have visitors to our school to deliver workshops, such as music, dance and science to enhance pupil experiences. Competitions of varying types are entered regularly and we are involved in events and projects throughout the school year. Field trips to consolodate learning and visits to venues such as musical concerts, the theatre and sporting events are enjoyed by all and help enrich the learning experiences of our pupils.